Shooting off..

I spent the better part of today watching the news on this guy, James Eagan Holmes, the shooter in Aurora Colorado.
First impressions on him is that his insanity is an act. Fucking guy just wants attention and he’s getting exactly that. I don’t think he really thought his plan through. Faking insanity isn’t easy. We should seriously save time and news coverage and shoot him in the head and be done with it.
A few thoughts on the circus around this situation. The media hype is ridiculous. As horrifying as this situation is, it doesn’t merit continuous coverage. That feeds idiots like him, because they know this is going to be the outcome and as we know, people will do anything for fame.
Secondly, the lack of balls by the politicians to do anything about controlling these fucking guns. Seriously, how many people have to die before they do something about keeping assault weapons in check? You have your typical bunch of yahoos that start screaming about the second amendment. (which really is about the right to have an armed militia to protect the free state, not for dickheads to buy assault rifles, but that’s another discussion)
What about the right to fucking live without fear that some asshole is gonna shoot up the theater? What about the victims? All you hear is these hillbillies with the fucking moose heads on their walls crying that the government can’t tell them what to do. The politicians are fucking scared of the NRA. They run shit. The deal is, regulation doesn’t mean denial. Restriction doesn’t mean denial. You feel like you need a gun, get a fucking handgun. What does ANYONE need with an assault weapon? If you live in a place where that’s needed, I suggest you take the money you’re gonna spend on a gun and fucking move. It’s very name tells the story, ASSAULT..not DEFENSE.
Even though I’m not a fan of Mayor Bloomberg, he’s dead on right now. It’s time something was DONE instead of having a panel of talking heads on cable tv shoot off their mouths for an hour. But everyone is chicken shit. Obama is tap dancing on eggshells trying to get re-elected and fucking Romney is bought and paid for. (I refer to him as Gumby because he’s got that angular head and fucking contorts himself to fit whatever is popular)
Home of the brave my ass. America is full of cowardice from people who are supposed to take action. You can bet your ass no one is looking out for you. It’s all about who has the most money and influence. Ok, that may have been a bit harsh. There are some brave people, but you feel my drift.
Sad thing is, at this very moment, some fool is plotting to top this guys crime. We need to ACT and cut the shit!

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