10 + 7 – Trayvon lives on

I felt that I needed to express my feelings on the Trayvon Martin shooting. It’s easy to assume because I’m black that I’m looking at this from a racial perspective, but that is not the case. I believe that if we are to eliminate racism, we must start with our own thinking. Anyway, I looked at this situation from the perspective of the tragedy that it is and the reaction of some people to this incident. Take race out of it and here you have a situation where a kid was deemed a threat because of a hoodie. Mind you, it was raining that night, so there’s another force at work here. I’m not gonna label his killer as a racist, only as an adult who had the burden of being the responsible one, failing to do the right thing. I don’t say that to trivialize it, only to boil it down to what I see are the factors in that incident. Unarmed kids of any color should not be gunned down in the street. People that are not law officers should not be allowed to act as judge and jury on the street with a weapon. As my mother would say, violence is a tool of the ignorant. It’s time to reflect on what we are as a people…

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