Month: June 2012

10 + 7 – Trayvon lives on

I felt that I needed to express my feelings on the Trayvon Martin shooting. It’s easy to assume because I’m black that I’m looking at this from a racial perspective, but that is not the case. I believe that if we are to eliminate racism, we must start with our own thinking. Anyway, I looked […]


Believe in me..

This song comes from personal experiences. On a broad scale, life in general, as we all have done something that we want to be forgiven for. In the context of relationships, which was my motivation, it tries to express remorse for having hurt someone you love and the realization that you’re fucking up the very […]


Doing it all over…

I was working on a remake of the track “Double Xposure”, adding some vocals. My girl and I had been fighting for 2 days straight and I was tired of it..just damn, enough. I thought to myself, how did we get here and how the fuck do we get back?? That was on my mind […]