The Project begins

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to post a blog to give you guys a background on myself and the music, but every time I have tried I have either forgotten or gotten busy doing something else.
So, first let me explain the name THP. THP stands for the Hargett Project. The name reflects a personal mission that I embarked on some years ago as a way of releasing my creative energy. This expression takes many forms, art, music, photography, and writing. When it comes to music specifically, it is something that I’ve always enjoyed, but never had the gift of being able to compose. Reading music just does not absorb in my brain. All my life I’ve tried to, but really didn’t make much progress. It just seems so unnecessarily complicated. Maybe at some point before I am taking a dirt nap, I might be able to. Technology has allowed me to explore that part of myself. There are people, who as purists, feel that it is cheating to use technology, but I see it as a tool, the same as an instrument is a tool. You can have all of the technology, or instruments, in the world, but if you don’t have the talent to exploit it, it’s meaningless. I’m not patting myself on the back it’s just a statement of fact. So I pursued many forms of technology to help me reveal some of the music that I had in my head. A few years ago I decided to earnestly pursue putting down some tracks. Once I learned how to use the software and the rest was basically trying experiments with different sounds. Initially I did a few dance tracks, because of my background in DJ’ing. I wanted to combine a beat with some electronic overtones. My first tracks were pretty far out there. My goal was to get away from the standard commercial bullshit and really pursue something unique. I have always been the type of person that seeks individuality. Commercialization of music was definitely not something that I wanted to do, and to this day still have no desire for. To me it’s all about the music and the enjoyment by the listener. Whether or not it’s a financial success is irrelevant. It would be nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the end-all of what I’m trying to do. So, after giving it a brief try I kind of slacked off. I had a few friends listen to some of the work that I had done, and they weren’t really receptive to it. I really didn’t expect that because musically I have a much more diverse background than most of the people that I socialized with. So, my efforts were far and few between. Then a defining moment happened in my life. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend who was cheating on me. I needed an outlet for that frustration. They say that suffering can be an inspiration for music. This I know is true for my own personal experience. The piece that I put together reflected my sense of outrage. The song is entitled “Bitter Suite”. I was actually very surprised at how well it turned out. I posted it on this website AcidPlanet. And with in a matter of a day or so I had my first fan. That was a very invigorating experience. To read the comments from this anonymous individual from the far east was the turning point for me when it came to music. So I experimented with different sounds. My rule is to never conform, but to let the music take me where ever it leads me. All of my original tracks were Instrumentals. I have very little confidence in my singing ability. I didn’t like the sound of my voice. That is something that is fairly recent and I will get into the background on how that developed at another time. So, there you have it in summary how the genesis of the Hargett Project unfolded. In the days ahead I will attempt to give some background on each of my songs. Please come back and visit and thanks for your interest.


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