This morning I went to the park to take Boomer for walk. It was a bit chilly, but still a very peaceful morning. I had a lot on my mind, plus I needed the exercise so I figured I’d go little further than I normally would. I was walking down a tree-lined path that is near the lake, when this guy started walking my way. I had made up my mind that I was going to go back to the car cause I had walked a bit and my leg was bothering me. As I turned to go away from this guy and back to the car, Boomer decided he needed to take a shit. So I stopped and let him do his thing. As this was happening the guy walked behind me. I had Boomer on sort of a short leash because I was aware of that he likes people and he approaches them. Some people are afraid of dogs, and some people are especially afraid of pit bulls. Boomer is like a huge puppy. He really likes people. He likes to be petted. I actually think he is the most emotionally starved dog that I have ever owned. So imagine this scenario, boomers taking a shit I’m standing with my back to the path behind me and the guy is walking behind me. I don’t know what he did but Boomer turned around and reacted to it. My guess is that he motioned with his hand as if he had something he was going to give him, I can’t say. Boomer made a move towards him. The guy screamed like a woman and started going help me!, Help me! I yanked Boomer back and apologized to the guy. I said he’s friendly he’s just trying to make friends with you. He’s yelling did you see what he did? At that very moment I knew I was dealing with someone unstable. All Boomer did was try to smell his hand and he freaked out. normally that would have been the end of this encounter, but as I mentioned before I was dealing with someone unstable. So this guy started ranting about not being able to control my animal. He said, “I am here to enjoy the park in peace and not to be attacked by a vicious animal”. Again I said to him, he was just trying to make friends with you, he’s extremely friendly. His reply was, “I don’t need to make friends with any goddamn animal!”. That comment got under my skin. Then he wouldn’t stop. He went on ranting about how my dog was attacking people. So I got annoyed. I said to him, if hewere trying to attack you, we would not be having this conversation. You need to shut the fuck up and relax. Take a deep breath and enjoy the air. The guy was still beefing. At that point I’m thinking to myself I should chase this motherfucker out of the park but I will be a good citizen and just mind my business. It took everything I had to control myself. He really annoyed the fuck out of me and ruined my mood. So thank you asshole, wherever you are.


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