Blurry Cain
If you’re alive you’ve probably heard about Herman Cain, one of the Republican candidates for President, being accused of sexually harassing someone 12 years ago. I believe he did it and what’s worse is the fact he didnt fess up immediately. I will start by saying politicians lie, but politicians are people and people lie, plain and simple. Not for nothing but I can totally see him going, “Yo baby, why don’t you give me a slice of that ass?”. Ok that aside, I was convinced when I saw the footage of him at an event where a reporter first asked him about it, and his very first reaction was to not answer. Not, deny, not go “whatchu mean harass?”, no, none of that. He froze, and in that second if you look at his body language, you can tell he was going “oh shit!”. It was downhill from there. He played the race card, the double speak card, the victim card and now the blame card. Dude, cash in your chips..game over.

Slick Rick
Rick came on strong. He was the Republican Messiah. Someone the right wingers could hold their nose and vote for and he totally fucked it up. The moment he started speaking on issues of substance, he got all twisted and confuzzled. Then the other day, dude looked like he was on Prozac or some shit. He looked like he had some of that same shit Mike Tyson was on when he was on Dancing with the Stars in Argentina. All goofy and animated. I’m like where do I get some of that? I want to feel like that for a few minutes, damn.

The Occupy Wall street movement is in trouble. They started out with a message and had all this positive energy and it was summer. Now it’s cold, the nut jobs have joined in and their message isn’t clear. Out west people are breaking shit. All that does is put a negative image on the whole movement. I mean, I hear where they are coming from. People are frustrated, but what is it they expect to happen? Do they really think while they are laying on the cold ass ground, some millionare sitting in his penthouse sucking on martinis is gonna give a shit? This will be interesting. Once the media turns on them, it will be over. I wish them luck though. But their grievance is against a machine that is global. If it were more focused and incremental, I’d think they would accomplish something instead of catching pneumonia sleeping on the damn ground.

To be continued….

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