Breaking Snooze.

CNN is getting annoying. I remember a time when they took journalism seriously. Now they’ve fallen into the trap of sensationalism. There’s a few things that currently annoy me.  1- The Anthony Weiner story. In case you aren’t aware he is a D-Rep from NY. Apparently a picture was sent from his twitter account to some girl of a bulging penis in underwear. It was deleted and he said it was a prank. The media has seized on this and is determined to make more out of it than it is. CNN had a “Special Report” to interview him on this story. The hype was unbelievable.

Then there’s Wolf know I thought the guy was cool at one time, but he’s come off as an idiot lately. He asks some of the dumbest questions. It’s getting painful to watch.

And now…Sarah Palin….God..haven’t we had enough of her already? The media is trumping her up basically because the Republican Presidential candidate field is boring. Do they really think Sarah Palin is gonna win the presidency? As dumb as Americans can be, I dont think we’re THAT dumb. I listen to her and I cringe. I ask myself who the fuck lost an election to her in Alaska? My sneaker would have had a better chance. Seriously, if she were in my public school running for class president, I would have voted for the eraser. While I’m on that subject, what the hell is wrong with people calling her attractive? I know, looks are subjective but damn, come on. When I hear men talking about how attractive she is, I want to turn in my male membership card.  Sheesh.. The other day, John McCain goes and says she can beat Obama. Now..not to say he’s unbeatable and I do like him, but Palin?? Whatever she put in his coffee to make him pick her as his running mate must still be kicking in. She must have put some powdered moose balls in his eggs. Dude..slap yourself for that and all will be forgiven..

On another note, this weather we’ve been experiencing is a wake up call to all those people who denied the effects of global warming. Go and ask the people in Missouri and Louisiana what they think about it. I bet no one is laughing at Al Gore now. If you haven’t done so, I recommend you watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. Wake up people!!




One Comment

  1. northstar25

    I totally agree!
    Don’t we have better things to report on than Rep. Weiner’s twitter page? How about the thousands of people out of jobs, about how our math and science scores are some of the worst in the world?


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