Head in the Clouds..

On “Rapture Day” I was shopping. I got out of the car and noticed that the sky looked a little odd. I will first state for the record that I knew it was bullshit but the atmosphere was so ominous that it gave me pause.

I stood in the parking looking around at the clouds.  I am an avid cloud watcher and I said to myself that they were unlike any formations that I’d seen in this area. In the back of my mind I wondered for a second, ‘suppose this is it?’ I half laughed to myself but I still had this uneasy feeling I couldn’t shake. As I looked at the shapes of the clouds, I started making out faces and things. I felt a little foolish so I got in the car, but one image caught my eye. I got back out and took a picture of it.

The Devil's in the details

So you can imagine I was a little freaked out. Now I’m really thinking to myself, am I going crazy? I kinda half  laughed at myself. So I’m standing there and a woman parked near me and gets out her car. As she comes by she goes, ‘wow the clouds are really amazing today!’. So I joke, ‘yeah not bad for the last day’. We laugh. She goes into the store. I look up and then I see this..

The Horseman

The horse part was a little distorted by the time I took it because I stood there watching for a while. So..I’m like ok. I’m bugging out..go home.. but I was fascinated. So I hung out for a few more and then I saw this..

The Watcher..

So mind you..I’m a bit more than freaked out. I got in the car and came home…

One Comment

  1. klamach

    A mighty fog moved into my neighborhood as we approached 6pm that eve as I was coming home from Whole Foods. Despite the fact that I think the Rapture is bad theology, it certainly made me get home before the hour struck! 🙂


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