It’s a rap-ture

The end of the world came and went. I was actually looking forward to some action. Maybe watch it on CNN. I’m sure they had a theme song picked out already..some cool rapture graphics. Do an in-depth analysis on the apocalypse..have a survey on whether people thought they should be spared..get an on the scene reporter to interview the four horsemen. Like most people I scoffed at the idea, but in the back of my mind I wondered, what if?..

You know that whole concept of what a person would do if the world was coming to an end is bullshit. First of all, you’re probably not gonna see it coming. If you do, say, asteroid or whatever. Most people will be at home shitting themselves. The whole myth of having that last sex is insane. If a guy can get erect knowing the apocalypse is at hand, he needs counseling.

Hopefully this will be the last time people listen to that crap. No matter what you believe, it’s not going to change reality. They are called the laws of physics because, it’s the fucking LAW. PROVEN, FACT..get over it.  People do not fly. The dead are dead, graves will not open..none of that is ever going to happen. Zombies are a myth..One day the earth will be destroyed and it won’t have anything to do with naughty or nice. It will be fucking over, for everyone. If we don’t get blasted by an asteroid, fried by a gamma ray burst, one day the sun will vaporize the entire planet. Just think about the story for a sec..the four horsemen..four..are going to cover the ENTIRE planet slaughtering the unjust. Have you checked how many Chinese there are alone? I think it would take 4 guys about 20 years of non-stop head lopping to pull that off.  And how do you get a horse up an elevator?

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