I’ll be whack..

Arnold, Arnold, AHHHNOLD…wtf??? Let’s toss aside the fact that YOU WERE MARRIED. Let’s toss aside the fact your WIFE WAS PREGNANT TOO!!!..But doing the help? No condom, raw, Conan the Barbarian style? WTF WTF..AND…excuse me for being shallow..DAMN..HER??? Of all the skanky immoral women that would gladly throw their STD infested legs around your neck, you get this woman PREGNANT?? I am in no way condoning infidelity. It’s totally fucked, but damn..that’s all I’m gonna say. I can’t even go there. so you know it’s bad. I’m gonna boomerang on this one because it speaks for itself. Total ridiculousnism. Wow.. Poor Maria. I know her mind is totally blown. That video of her where she asked people for help in coping was heartbreaking. You could see the pain and destruction in her face. You know when your partner cheats on you, in time it might hurt less, but do you know how hard it has to be to forget Arnold when his face will be damn near everywhere? Thing is, I know he won’t suffer because of it. He will bounce back, make a fucking Terminator movie, light up one of those big ass cigars and say fuck it. People will forget. Maria will be damaged goods and their kids will be under the fucking electron microscope, twittered into insanity.

On another note, have you seen Mike Tyson lately? Dude is on some serious antidepressants. He’s happier than the Joker on crack. For a good laugh you have to check out his appearance on Dancing with the Stars in Italy. Dude was like some kinda psycho whirling dervish combo of Steppin Fechit and a Samoan warrior on mushrooms. Fucking skipping around and shit. If he was that fleet on his feet when he was boxing, he wouldn’t have gotten dropped by Buster Douglas. He coulda dodged Robin Givens ass. His wife is smart. She’s making sure he’s medicated. I bet home girl is putting that shit in his eggs. Deep. I’m happy for the guy though. It’s good to see him doing something positive with himself. He even makes fun of himself and pulls it off. Oscar Talk with Leonard Maltin is some funny shit.

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