The pause that refreshes..

I will start this post by saying I contributed to my own angst by not giving myself enough time. That being said, I went to the movies Saturday to see Thor, which could have been better, but that’s another story.  I got to the theater just at showtime, so factoring in the promos, which take forever these days, I figured I have a little time to get popcorn. I have the worst luck when it comes to lines. If you see me on a line and have a choice, pick another one. I am convinced I am cursed. There was a family of 4 and these 2 old ladies in front of me. The family was almost done, so I’m saying to myself, this wont take very long. Ha..bullshit. The old ladies get to the counter and it was as if someone hit the slowmo button on my life. First the stood there trying to figure out what they wanted. Now, I will try to be fair and say, maybe they couldn’t see the big ass signs with the selections. My problem is, why didn’t you think about that the whole time you were on the line?  Or why get on the damn line if you didn’t know what you wanted? Now that may sound harsh, but we have brains for reasons. We have been given the ability to plan, why on earth don’t people use it?? Anyway, after dithering for 5 minutes over the menu, this one lady reached into the beverage rack to get a vitamin water. Now I will give her credit for that, because her ass needed some energy. I’m saying to myself, lady drink that shit now! So, then she asks the clerk how much it cost. He tells her $4.50. Now thats a lot for a goddamn bottle of watered down fake ass kool aid. I was kinda taken aback myself, but it apparently short-circuited her mind and sent her into a loop. She asked him 4 times, over and over about the price. I’m restraining myself from taking the bottle from her. So I turn away and try to distract myself because I was getting uptight. I said, yes,  this is my fault for getting here late but damn. It didn’t help that I noticed on the next 2 lines, people that had come after me were skipping away to their movies. They finally got their food, which consisted of pretzel nuggets and vitamin water and slowly meandered away. That one transaction took 15 minutes! I got into the theater and I texted my gf  (I was alone), about my angst. I told her that if I ever get like that, push me into traffic and end my misery. Getting old is a bitch, I know, but they need a separate line..I’m sorry. Anyway, before you think I’m a heartless bastard I will add that at the conclusion of my movie, as fate would have it, I ran into that old lady on my way out. She had a walker. In my mind I was thinking,, maybe a motorized wheelchair would be a better option, but, I helped her to the parking lot, because that’s how I was raised. Feeling shitty about being all uptight I thought to myself, I should have paid for their snacks. It would have made me feel better and possibly get the line moving before the fucking movie was over..maybe next time…

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