Pretzel logic..

It’s amazing how easily people are manipulated. This whole debate on who gets credit for catching OBL is amazing. There are people saying George Bush deserves partial credit. HELLO, did everybody fucking forget about Iraq?? When we were attacked, he pulled the oldest trick in the book, the bait and switch. America wanted blood and despite the “home of the brave” bullshit,  fear sells. Fear of anything versus “them”. So they made Sadaam the boogie man, souped him up as an imminent threat, and bombed the shit out of Iraq.  America got it’s televised victory, something we’ve been taught to expect since Kuwait, and everybody was all hard again on American military superiority. Mission Accomplished…yeah but the only thing is, Sadaam didn’t have a fucking thing to do with 9/11. Bush had no interest in looking for OBL. Here comes Obama, 3 years into his presidency he’s taken out more Al Qaeda operatives than in Bush’s entire presidency. And now they are trying to sell the fact that they tortured the detainees as being instrumental in OBL’s capture. Ok, first, its not “enhanced interrogation” it’s fucking torture and if it was so fucking effective, why didn’t they catch OBL years ago? America..wake the fuck up.

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