I spit on your grave

The day has come. The bastard that killed so many innocent people and then savored our suffering is dead. I know that it is wrong to take pleasure in another’s misfortune but this man was truly a demon. There are people who say it is wrong to celebrate the death of another and I do feel that way, but look at the videos of 9/11 and you will understand their joy.

I refuse to watch Fox News, but today I made a point of it, I wanted to hear them give Obama his props for accomplishing what 2 Presidents before him could not. (yes, don’t forget, Bill Clinton was after him too). The racist bastards couldn’t do it. They tap danced around it, thanked the military (they do deserve it), but could not say the words, good job Obama. They scooped up a pile of bullshit and served it to their fans who lap that shit up like mindless idiots. The first thing they did was thank George Bush. There were even people in Texas that actually went to Bush’s house with signs thanking him. Umm..Bush was in his fucking bed. Holy shit…what is wrong with people? How hard is it to give credit where it’s due?  Fuck them. There are enough of us that know and recognize the truth. Obama was actually 2 for 2..One night he took out Donald Trump, then the next Bin Laden..

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