The Birthering of a nation..

OK, so Obama published his birth certificate. I just want to say that it’s a goddamn shame that it’s come to this. It underscores how stupid most Americans are and it proves something that I’ve said time and time again, Black men must prove themselves twice. Ok, if you’re one of the people who had doubt in your mind, you need to ask yourself why? Do you honestly think that he would even be able to fucking run if he couldn’t prove it? Do you think they’d let a black man become president if they had an option to stop him? I’ve watched this circus with total disgust over how something so ridiculous could actually be believed by so many people. Then there’s the racial aspect. There is without a doubt a racial element to this whole charade. Even people I know showed their true colors..I am saddened by this fact but, it is what it is. Now Donald Chump is claiming he’s responsible for what? a victory? Just a few days ago he was supposed to have some shocking and surprising evidence as a result of his “investigation”.  Why is NO ONE calling him on that? And this clown has people supporting him for President?? Wow..I’m ready to move to Canada..

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