Unplanned parenthood

I’m a big science fan. I guess it comes from a low tolerance for bs and focusing on things you can prove..lol. Anyway, my favorite topics are astronomy and physics, which when you really think about it, are really the same thing. The laws of physics governs the universe, well, what we know about it. It’s an evolving story and that is part of it’s fascination. Then there’s the question of God. I think that the creator, being the power that created everything, is much bigger and deeper than the concept that we are taught in our various religions. To believe that the entire universe, which I believe isn’t all there is, was created just for our dumb asses is pompous arrogance. That would make God very inefficient when you consider how huge the visible universe is. Our entire galaxy is to the universe as an ass hair is to the entire human population. Doesn’t make sense to me to proclaim ourselves as God’s intention when there’s so much else going on. Think..light travels at roughly 6 trillion miles a year. The visible universe is fucking 14 billion times that. That’s a lot of real estate just to create a bunch of bald monkeys. We are just here by chance, nothing more. When you really understand reality, then you will realize that there are much more wondrous things than just you or I. So my point is, relax and enjoy this thing called life, we are part of the tapestry, not the reason it exists.

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