Black bullshit

Thats right, I said it. Black Bullshit. I’m sick of it.

The first question that probably comes to your mind is, what nationality am I and WTF am I talking about?

Well, my issue is partly number one, the fact that it matters. We have a total double standard in this country, that being the USA, when it comes to matters of race. Blacks are quick to point the race harpoon at any other nationality that uses the “N’ word, but are so quick to embrace it as a term of endearment if the person saying it is Black. WTF is that? It’s bullshit thats what it is and black people need to be called on it. Either you stop using the damn word, or STFU about it. It’s your own fault it’s still being used against you. If there was a united effort to say “it’s dis-tasteful no matter who says it”, then I’d have your back, but this so- called rule that its ok if we (meaning black americans) say it to each other. I hate it WHENEVER it is used. You may say it’s just a word, but words have power. The history behind it is well known and theres nothing positive that can come from it. So cut the shit. This double standard only weakens your argument that youre offended. Its a joke.

My other issue is the use of the English language by young black americans. I look at twitter and I am horrified at what I’m seeing. Half the shit even I can’t decipher. When I see people post “dis” and “dat”, I want to gather up all those knuckleheads and put them on a Viking ship and set that bitch on fire. YouTube that shit. I grew up during the Civil Rights movement. I saw what we as a people had to endure just to go to school, vote, sit at a damn counter and have a fucking sandwich. This generation is a fucking disgrace to their memory. People were set upon with dogs, hung from trees and brutally murdered, just for the right to be able to get an education and THIS is the result?? Have you no shame? NONE?? How dare you protest when someone calls you ignorant when your own actions feed the stereotype. How dare you point a finger at others when you embrace public humility of women by calling them bitches and hoes. When I was coming up, we were taught to have pride in our contributions to society. Scientists, Authors, and Activists were our heroes. I’m willing to bet you could ask the average young black person who George Washington Carver was and they wouldn’t have a clue, but ask them about 50Cent and they can recite his “lyrics” verbatim. Have our standards for excellence sunk this low?

Black America, you need a reality check. It’s time to cut the bullshit and get your act together.

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