idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.

light, familiar talk or writing.

Also, gos·sip·er, gos·sip·per. a person given to tattling or idletalk.
4. Chiefly British Dialect . a godparent.
5. Archaic . a friend, especially a woman.
Ok, so today’s topic is gossip, hereafter also referred to as bullshit.
It amazes me that in this age of digital information, that it takes so little still to convince a person of a flat out bullshit lie. What’s even more amazing is that some people have built careers off of it. You can convince a certain number of people of a total fabrication with no evidence whatsoever and they will repeat it to other people as if they had solid proof or if they were fucking there. I normally pay this shit no mind, because frankly I don’t care about someone else’s life, but I had an incident that hit close to home and it’s got me ready to break a toe on someone’s ass.
You have these websites, like mediatakeout.com, that put up nothing but pure crap. The person of average intelligence can look at it and go, thats bs, doesn’t prove anything, but sure as shit stinks, look down the list and you will find that theres a few people that take that stuff as gospel. They even add their 2 cents in.
What’s up with that? How is it that people pass judgement on another persons life without even meeting the person?? That site is an embarrassment to intellect. Its like some shit put together by a 6th grader. I’m waiting for the day they get sued out of existence. There’s those kind and then there’s the other flavor. The one’s that put up pics of people and just launch venom at them. The site, thedirty.com is such a site. You have these bunch of pathetic losers, that call themselves the army, putting up pics of people and just tossing all kinds of bullshit up. (Dirty Army, ha..more like the Dildo Army)
The spend their time putting up lies and bullshit on people. It’s easy to do that shit anonymously. There’s a word for that, pussification. I’d dare anyone of them to post a pic of themselves with their real name and take the kind of abuse they dish out. They have no consideration for the damage they do to other people’s lives.
It just an attempt to bring them down to the sewers along with themselves.

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