Victoria’s Secret revealed!

You know what Victoria’s Secret is? It’s where they are hiding the ass??Maybe there is something to the stereotype that black men are genetically predisposed to liking women with meaty butts. But cmon, look at these women! Is this sexy to someone? Combined they don’t have enough ass to make a sandwich. The one in the middle, Candace Swanepoel..omg, don’t get me started on her. She needs to be taken to Crispy Creme and force fed doughnuts. How do you walk on legs that skinny? I bet the bitch whistles when the wind blows.. She should drop the “Swane” from her last name and just call herself “Poel”.  The first one, Adriana Lima, I don’t get it. My girl thinks she’s hot. She’s average at most. But she’s so damn skinny! You would need target practice if you wanted to kick her ass.

I guess it’s a Euro-thing. But I’d prefer my woman not look like an adolescent. I’m sorry. That Lima chick, has fucking grasshopper thighs. Those shits are so narrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if she cut herself putting on her pants. I swear if you look hard enough at her stomach you can see through the shit. Candace, what’s up with that pose? That IS NOT CUTE. You look fucking deformed. Home girl looks like a chicken wing.

Ok enough…ahhh. Breathe.

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