The Disjointed States of Amnesia

At first I thought I was tripping. I’m watching the news and all the republicans are ripping into Obama over Libya. And I’m like wait, just a few weeks ago they were ripping into him for not getting involved. Saying he’s dithering and wasn’t showing leadership. Then the fucking news media jumped on the wagon and started acting like it was a bad move.
I’m not a war hawk. I think it’s a fucked up solution. Innocent people get killed. But, Gadahfi was talking some Hitler like bullshit..going into the city, yanking people out and shooting them. Who does that? That had to be stopped. So the UN showed some balls and took action. Now all these sanctimonious assholes are bitching that we shouldn’t get involved. What’s our interest. Saving fucking lives is our interest. Jeez. So I’m saying ok I do recall everyone saying something needed to be done then I heard Hillary Clinton say there was a vote to enforce a no-fly zone in the Senate. Lo and behold, she was right on
So now it’s just fucking obvious that this country has lost it’s balls and some politicians will spin on a dime to say whatever they think will keep their jobs. This isn’t news of course. I know that. But damn, it was just a few weeks ago. What shocks me is nobody remembers or they have chosen to forget. And the media is just bullshit timefill.

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